Watch: All the Quirks and Features of the Oldsmobile Silhouette

It’s the Cadillac of minivans. Or the Dustbuster of minivans. The Oldsmobile Silhouette was the luxury version of GM’s plastic-bodied U-Vans, and it’s dropped pretty far under the radar since the model went away not long enough ago.

The 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette was full of strangeness and cool stuff (and dozens of cupholders), and so the king of quirks and features has decided that it’s van time. Doug DeMuro, master of the unusual vehicle spends 25 minutes walking us through all of the strange, innovative, and high-tech for the time features that this van boasted.

A van still more versatile than the modern Toyota and Honda vans thanks to lightweight seats that you can easily fold flat (fold down flat, not flat into the floor), remove, and reconfigure. There’s even a built-in child seat from back before automakers sharply and immediately reversed course on that handy gadget.

So take a look back and remember the minivans that had seating for seven, plus room for four on the dashboard. It might just be your father’s (or mother’s) Oldsmobile.