Watch: When Oldsmobile Wanted to by GM’s High Performance Highline Division

A few weeks ago, I started watching King of the Hill for the first time (I know, I was missing out) and it was a little disheartening to see just how applicable the show still was. All of the jokes about America’s troubles still pretty much play. I feel the same way watching this video about Oldsmobile’s Quad 4 concepts.

Re-published by MotorWeek, the video shows how GM’s latest high-output, high-efficiency engine could find its way into the Calais, a 98, or whatever else to turn them into conservative performance machines to take on the Germans.

Although Oldsmobile is dead and the Quad-4 isn’t the name of its latest engine, GM is struggling with the same issues. The automaker still wants to find places for its brands, it still wants to show off its small displacement, big power engines, and its brands still have to find ways to strike out and impress the market without stepping on each others’ toes.