Watch: The Mid-Engine Corvette Caught Driving in Public

Ahead of its reveal later this year, the C8 Corvette—codename Emperor (ooh, I just got shivers)—has been caught testing on public roads.

Still heavily camouflaged, the pair of Emperors were filmed by YouTuber prettyfast1000 (were there 999 prettyfasts before him?) from definitely-not-the-driver’s-seat of his very own supercharged C5: Vetteception.

Unfortunately, as a result of said supercharged C5, you can’t really hear the mid-engine Corvettes ahead, so we can’t confirm if they sound like a twin-rotor Wankel or not.

What we really expect to go behind the driver is a new DOHC twin-turbo V8. The engine will likely be genesis for GM’s next-gen V8 architecture, so it should be a good’un. Rumors still abound, though, so we’ll have to wait to find out what’s really back there.

As we mentioned off the top, we’re expecting the C8 to be unveiled later this year and to show up on show floors in early 2019.

The front-engine C7 will continue through 2021 for all you traditionalists.