Watch: Jay Leno Tours Superformance Corvette Grand Sport

This time in Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay is taking the wheel of a sort of classic Corvette racer.

In 1962, Chevrolet built just five Grand Sport racers. Some of the most valuable ‘Vettes ever built, the race-ready cars sported somewhere in the range of 550 hp, used thinner fibreglass to cut weight, and even had an aluminum body structure instead of steel. But with only five, you’re not likely to ever see one, let alone drive one.

The cars in Jay’s Garage are from Superformance. That company built its name with reproduction Ford GT40s and Shelby Cobras. One of their latest is the 1962 Grand Sport Corvette, under license from General Motors.

Superformance reached out to the shop that had restored three of the original cars, the shop had tooling and drawings to re-create the Grand Sport exactly. They took those plans and ran with them. Watch Jay with Lance Stander from Superformance and Ken Lingenfelter from engine builder Lingenfelter Performance Engineering as they take a look at the cars and then hit the road.