Watch: More Footage of the Mid-Engine Corvette Driving Around the Nurburgring Emerges

Yes, it’s yet more video footage of the mid-engine Corvette running around the Nurburgring. The footage looks to be from the same day as previous footage released earlier in the month.

The clips feature the C8 running hard around the track and scraping its around around the Karussell.

Although it doesn’t necessarily provide any new information, the lighting does show off the hood creases, which come to a point at the front of the car.

Otherwise it’s the same old story. Still sounds like it’s running a V8, hard to say which. Still looks like a mid-engine ‘Vette with nods to the C3, among others.

We’re still waiting on finding out exactly what’s going on under the camouflage early next year, the smart money being on Detroit.