Watch: All the Clips for GMC’s New Hummer

GMC is, reasonably, excited for its upcoming Hummer. The electric truck will presumably be massive in scale and will officially be massive in numbers–those numbers being 1,000 hp and 11,500 lb-ft of torque.

They didn’t just make the announcement with a picture, they did it with several ads, all of which you can watch below.

The ads all work on the same theme, claiming that a quiet revolution is coming. Although this one has nothing to do with Quebec’s move away from the Catholic church, it is a move away from something just as fundamental to our understanding of Hummer.

The ads feature a pack of horses galloping loudly, a bridge crane in a factory loudly grinding away, and a motorcycle whining its way down a quarter-mile track before the sound in all three ads is cut.

It’s interesting positioning for the brand, which wants to highlight its brawn without selling itself on environmentalism. It’ll be a tightrope for GMC, since the Hummer’s appeal, in the past, could be seen as anti-environmentalist.

Whether a vehicle of its scale that will likely continue to carry one person at a time can ever really claim to be green, electric or not, will doubtless be a matter of some debate. Still, if we cast the issue as one of reorganizing our consumption into a form of power that contributes less directly to greenhouse gas emissions, the Hummer may prove to be just the tool that GMC needs to win hearts and minds–excess, in size and power, always having attracted American auto buyers.