Watch: “I Can’t Believe It’s So Good!”

“It’s solid, it’s planted, it’s got amazingly sharp steering.” It’s safe to say that Matt Farah, of The Smoking Tire and Road & Track, was impressed by his first track experience of the C8 Corvette.

In one of the first videos published on the car, the reviews are good. It feels, says Farah, like the car has more chassis than engine, which, in a mid-engine car, and a car that will eventually be tuned to make more, is excellent.

On track, too, Farah gushes about the car’s ability to hold on at the front-end while coming out of long, sweeping bends. Although it’s not completely devoid of understeer, the really fun-sapping stuff appears to be tuned out of the chassis and, of course, oversteer is perfectly easy to induce.

While Farah’s on track review is glowing—gushing even—in a supplement to the video he does temper his comments. He never walks any previous comments back but does allow for some imperfections.

As you’d expect in a car that over-delivers on performance, some sacrifices must be made. Some of the interior materials are less than luxurious, the cockpit—although excellent for drivers—walls off the passenger, and the steering is a little less exciting off-track.

All said, though, the car is a stunning achievement for Chevrolet, according to this first review and bodes well for the future, when even more powerful, even more track-focused versions arrive.

You can read the full Road & Track review here.