Watch: You Can Thank Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Rise of the Hummer

As someone whose earliest memories don’t predate the Hummer by that many years, I can perhaps be forgiven for forgetting just how it came to be. Even though I knew Arnold Schwarzenegger was associated with the Hummer, I don’t think I ever realized exactly how central he was to its sale as a production vehicle.

Business Insider tracks the rise and fall of the brand in a recent video. The story, as we all know, starts with the military, which wanted a replacement for the Jeep. But according to BI, it was while filming Kindergarten Cop that Schwarzenegger fell in love with the machine.

Despite asking real nice-like and even using the magic word, the military wouldn’t sell him one. So Schwarzenegger took a different tack and tried to persuade AM General to build a civilian version and the Humvee became the Hummer.