Watch: The C8 Corvette Take On a CTS-V

If ever you needed a demonstration of why Chevy went mid-engine for the latest Corvette, this is it.

This video shows a C8 Corvette drag racing and roll racing against a CTS-V. The Cadillac, sometimes referred to as the four-door Vette, is powered by the C7 Corvette’s V8, so not a far cry from the C8’s LT2. It is, however, the supercharged version from the Z06, which means it makes 640 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque.

The C8, meanwhile, only makes 490 hp. So how much does 150 hp buy you? Nothing if you can’t get the power down, which the Cadillac struggles with throughout these runs.

Despite ultimately being faster than the Corvette, the Cadillac can’t get hooked up reliably. That means that despite being 150 hp down, the Corvette, under normal to less than ideal circumstance, wins reliably.

Much of that is down to the placement of the engine—over the driven wheels. So no wonder Chevrolet moved the engine.