Watch: C8 With 50 Hp Nitrous Shot Runs 10s

It was only a matter of time before C8 Corvettes hit the drag strip and started to get modifications. Even with social distancing, the quarter-mile can put plenty of room between the C8 and C7s. Especially when it’s fitted with nitrous.

Carlyle Racing got their C8 on the strip quickly, putting it down the track and then on the chassis dynamometer. Then fitting it with some go-fast gas, nitrous oxide, and then running it again.

GM said that a stock C8 with Z51 should be able to run an 11.2-second quarter mile. Carlye Racing managed to run it a little bit quicker. 11.05 seconds at 126 mph, just barely staying out of the 10-second window. That’s not entirely stock, they put new wheels and drag radials on the car.

Add a 50 hp shot of nitrous to the car and, not surprisingly, it got quicker. Breaking into the 10s at 128.64 mph. But then they went one more time, and while the video text says they used a 100 hp shot, the description clarifies it was still just 50.

The result: 10.65 seconds at 130 mph. Wow.

On the dyno, the stock engine made 440 hp and 408 lb-ft of torque, and while there wasn’t a nitrous dyno run, expect right around 50 hp more.

Putting the motor in the rear has given the car massively more traction, making what would be an approximately 550 hp car just as quick as the 760 hp Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Watch the video, but we can’t wait for the faster C8s to arrive.