Watch: Backwards Pickup Has Definitely Never Made Anyone Poop Their Pants

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen someone coming at you and made your peace with your life (even that time you made that joke that ruined the party, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right) only to realize that the car was actually in the middle lane and that you’re not gonna die and that that party kinda sucked anyway? Yeah, imagine that but now the car is in your lane.

You’re still not going to die, though, because you’re in Cape Cod, and you’re enjoying a nice fall drive with your best friend (who happens to also be your partner), and you’re following Ron in his fourth-gen step-side 1500 Bassackward.

In much the same way as there’s no rule that a dog can’t play football, although Massachusetts’ safety inspections are pretty rigorous, there’s no actual rule saying the body has to face the direction it did when it left the factory, so Ron’s free to ruin your pants.

Or to just make you giggle, as was the case with these people, who submitted their video to the Viral Hog YouTube channel—Babe is truly living that millennial life. 

via gmauthority