Watch the 800 hp Electric Corvette Hit 210 mph Top Speed

We’ve already talked at length about the Genovation GXE, the C7 Corvette that’s been transformed into an 800 hp electric sports car instead of the gasoline-powered beast that left the factory in Bowling Green. But what we haven’t done is show you the monster E-Vette get put through its paces. Until now.

With all that power, 200 mph sounds like a breeze, but watching this shows you how easy it really is. And the video also shows off one of the strangest parts of the GXE: that it keeps the eight-speed automatic from the gas one behind that electric motor.

It’s on the YouTube Channel Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds, and they’ve gotten to give the GXE a serious workout. That includes a pretty good electric burnout, along with a top-speed run that seems to have started in the middle of a field. But that’s fine because flat out on the runway they were able to get the GXE to a still shockingly silent VBox-indicated 210 mph. Followed by nearly 1g of braking.

Here’s the video for you to watch the top speed run yourself.