Watch: The 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Takes on Imola

Although only five ever made it off the line, the legend of the Corvette Grand Sport lives on, with clones and tributes popping up periodically. This one, filmed driving at Italy’s fearsome Imola circuit, is keeping the legend alive in the old country, too.

The story goes, that Zora Arkus-Duntov wanted to take Shelby and his Cobras down a peg, so he and a group of engineers set about lightweighting the Corvette to make suitable for competition.

Fitted with the 377 ci engine with side-draft Weber carbs and weighing a little more than half as much as a standard Corvette, it won’t come as a surprise to find out that the Grand Sport was a rocket. Allegedly, it  roundly outdrove the Cobras on the straights, in the corners, and all over the track.

Unfortunately, the two cars never competed in the same class, because GM came down on the program after only five had been built. That meant that the ones that had been built had to run in the prototype class (not meeting the 125-example homologation rules) where they were outgunned by the purpose-built competition.

Still, driven by people like AJ Foyt, Jim All, Don Yenko, and more, the Grand Sports made an impression. Perhaps knowing the cars’ value, historically, all five were maintained and all remain in pretty good condition.

This tribute is driven by Michiel Campagne and was filmed at the Stena Line Gentleman Drivers Pre-66 Cars race at the Motor Legend Festival 2018.