Want to Own the Nurburgring? Here’s Your Chance!

Want to bring the thrill of one of the most famous and challenging race tracks in the world into your own home? Well now you can, thanks to the board game that’s lead to more sibling fights than any other in the world. Probably.

It’s Monopoly Nürburgring edition, letting you “go on a journey through the Green Hell and follow in the footsteps of great legends like Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda or Stefan Bellof.”

Like the classic version you know and love, this game lets you circle the board while buying and selling properties. Only instead of boring Park Place and Baltic Avenue, you can own corners like Brunchen and Bergwerk.

All of the properties are segments of the ‘Ring, with a photo showing you that part of the track. The railroads are now famous grandstands, and Jail is still Jail, though probably more efficient and rehabilitative since it’s German. the figures are a trophy, tire, F1 car, helmet, and tire gun.

If you’re interested in picking one up this Christmas, it’s for sale at the official Nürburgring store priced from 44,95 euro, or around $50 greenbacks. Plus shipping. It’s also, not surprisingly, only printed in German.