Want a CT5 Coupe or Wagon? Don’t Hold Your Breath

If you’re hoping that the new CT5 will spawn a range of coupes and wagons like the (previous versions of the) CTS it replaces, then you might be in for a long wait. Because it’s not likely you’ll get either one out of this car.

Mike Bride, chief engineer for CT5, spoke with Motor1.com about the possibilities. He said that “as far as additional body styles we can’t announce anything right now.”

That’s about standard when asking about new products. Automakers, and their reps, do not like to talk about things that aren’t already known. But in this case, it seems a bit more specific than just “no comment.”

Bride also told the site that Cadillac had evaluated other body styles. Like a lift back. But they didn’t make the cut. Why? Stiffness and mass. Adding a hatch weakens the shell. It also puts lots of weight up high in the car because of all of the bracing required to handle the weight of the hatch. Both of those are not good traits for your performance sedan.

Motor1 said that other sources inside GM confirmed that there will not be a coupe or wagon CT5. With the loss of the ATS, that means no Caddy coupes at all. But hey, more crossovers!

With the history of two-door Cadillacs reaching almost as long as the doors themselves, it’s a shame that the brand could see no coupe in the lineup. Unless, of course, they’re planning a four-door crossover coupe, like BMW’s X6 or the Mercedes GLC Coupe. That’s totally the same thing, right?

[source: Motor1]