UR2L84C8: New Corvette is Already Sold Out for 2020

Chevrolet has yet to start building production versions of the C8 Corvette, but the car is already sold out for 2020.

Production’s not set to start until February, pushed back by the UAW strike while the two hammered out a new agreement earlier this year. But Motor Trend says that the cars are now already sold out.

The first year is sold out for 2020,” Barry Engle, GM president of North America told Motor Trend. That’s about 40,000 cars for the U.S. Engle also said that dealers had been encouraged to sell the C8 at MSRP, without imposing the large markups that hard to get and desirable new models can see, though he acknowledged that dealers are still independent businesses.

The sellout isn’t much of a surprise, this may be the most anticipated new Corvette model to ever launch, and the change in performance it represents is a massive one over the outgoing vehicle.

With production set to start in early February, cars should start to arrive to dealers and then customers by the end of the month or early March. We’re sure you’ll see plenty of them on social media once that happens.