Ultium Batteries to Cut Down on Wiring and Complexity to Save Weight and Range

GM has revealed that its Ultium battery technology will cut down on battery management wiring by up to 90% as compared to standard EV battery systems. The technology should allow GM to increase range and aid scalability.

The wireless battery management system has been developed by GM supplier Analog Devices Inc, and is an important step in rolling out the batteries across multiple vehicles. With fewer wires, GM doesn’t have to engineer new wiring schemes for each of its vehicles. That means easier scalability and less effort when designing new cars based on the platform.

Fewer wires also just means less weight and less weight means more range. A strong battery management system also means that GM’s vehicles can actively monitor discharge rates and temperature (among other factors) to manage battery health over the car’s life.

“Scalability and complexity reduction are a theme with our Ultium batteries – the wireless battery management system is the critical enabler of this amazing flexibility,” said Kent Helfrich, GM’s director of electrification and battery systems. “The wireless system represents the epitome of Ultium’s configurability and should help GM build profitable EVs at scale.”

The technology will debut on the Cadillac Lyriq and will be standard on all Ultium EVs.