UAW Makes 930 Temporary Workers Full-Time Employees

Workers at 30 of GM’s 52 UAW-represented facilities are going full time. The move was announced Monday and will see 930 temporary workers made permanent, full-time employees.

The moves are in keeping with terms of the deal struck in GM and the UAW’s four-year contract. The contract was signed after the longest auto strike since the ‘70s.

Those terms mean that workers who have been with the company for three years are converted to permanent status. The employees also have their wages increased to between $21 and $24 an hour.

The changes affect GM’s Flint plant, which makes heavy-duty pickups, its Lansing Delta Township plant, which makes midsize SUVs, its Bedford Casting Operations, and more.

The changes are not unique to GM, either. Ford and FCA now have similar contracts and while the latter has yet to convert temporary workers to full-time, the former moved 592 workers to full-time status.

The UAW is not satisfied with these limited changes, though. It argues that thousands of workers remain temporary at GM facilities with no clear or easy path to full-time status.

“We remain in conversations with General Motors at several locations where we believe additional members should be moved to seniority status under the agreement,” said Terry Dittes, UAW VP GM, in an email to the Detroit Free Press.

Dittes conceded, though, that the move is a good start, though he vows to continue to work hard to ensure that there is a path to full-time employment for all hard-working temporary workers.

via Detroit Free Press