UAW Announces Big Three Enacting New Measures to Protect Workers

New measures are being enacted at Detroit Three plants, including General Motors, in order to help protect workers against the COVID-19 Virus, the United Auto Workers announced earlier.

“We spent hours tonight in talks with the leadership of the Big 3, demanding that they do the right thing for our members. All three companies have agreed to new measures that will increase adherence to CDC recommendations on social distancing in the workplace,” the UAW announcement read. “You can expect each automaker will develop an approach that fits their unique situation and works to the same end, which is worker health and safety,” GM Spokesman Jim Cain told the Detroit Free Press.

What changes exactly will happen has yet to be announced, but the UAW says the automakers have agreed to review and implement rotating and partial plant shutdowns, to complete extensive cleaning of the facility and equipment between shifts, and make more plans to avoid contact between workers. The UAW also said that “the companies have also agreed to work with us in Washington, D.C., on behalf of our members as we manage the disruption in the industry.”

While automakers and workers both likely would prefer not to have a shutdown, declining sales in the wake of coronavirus concerns and isolation mean that closures are likely to occur sooner or later regardless.