Top Gear Host is Selling His 2015 Camaro Z/28

It may seem odd to present you, an American reader, with a classified ad for a Camaro in the UK. It’s telling you about the CFL. I mean, sure, but you’ve got the good stuff at home.

While any Camaro in the UK is a mild curiosity, it’s this Z/28’s provenance that makes it most interesting of all. The car is being sold by Chris Harris.

Harris has been making wildly popular automotive videos for years now, has driven some of the most extreme race cars from history, started hosting Top Gear in 2017, and decided that he absolutely needed to own a Camaro. Not a bad endorsement.

The car, according to Collecting Cars—the site through which the Camara is being auctioned—was imported by Litchfield Motors in 2015 and sold to Harris in 2017 with just 223 miles on the odometer.

And while the car doesn’t appear to have become a commuter, Harris didn’t exactly just park it for two years, either. With nearly 8,000 miles on the clock, it’s had a few opportunities to stretch its legs.

Better yet, Harris is also auctioning off his time. Whoever wins the auction for this car will also be invited to a racetrack in England’s southwest, where the Top Gear host will give take you for a few hot laps.

If that wasn’t enough, the Camaro here is just one of five in all of Europe. So it’s rare, too. And in case you were curious about why Chris Harris would go to the trouble of getting a super rare car whose steering wheel is on the wrong side (for him), here he is reviewing the car in 2014.