This is the First Cunningham Corvette

Five years ago it was listed for $700 on Craigslist Tampa Bay, today it’s worth millions.

The original ad, from Fox:

“SERIAL # X53L on documented 1953 pre-production Corvette Frame. We believe this to be a 1953 Pontiac prototype that was to assume the name Longoria? Info received todate indicates that ZAGATO designed and PINNAFARINA constructed the body for GM in late 52.”

“Might anyone have knowledge of some former FISHER BODY executive that could assist in further identifying this automobile?”

Turns out the seller didn’t even know what a gem this was.

Instead of a “1953 pre-production Corvette” the car is actually the first of three 1960 Corvettes turned into racecars by Briggs Cunningham which he then brought to the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1960.

The No.3 Corvette would go on to take victory in the GT class giving Corvette its first victory at the French endurance classic.

After Le Mans, Cunningham converted the Corvettes back into street-legal cars and they were sold off through a local Chevy dealer.

Over the years the No.2 and 3 cars were found and restored, but No.1 remained a hidden mystery.

The last 50-years of the cars life still remain a mystery, but as of right now the car is owned by Gino Burelli, an Indiana car dealer. The car is awaiting full restoration.

It’s expected the restoration will take at least a year and cost some $500,000. Once completed it’s expected that Burelli will sell the car, probably for a nut between $5 and 7 million dollars.

It’s believed if the car goes up for sale it will likely set a world auction record for Corvettes.

Not bad for a Craigslist find…