The Holden Commodore’s Swan Song Will Be Sung Supercharged

Holden has just been given the green light from Detroit to stuff the Corvette ZR1’s 6.2L LS9 into the Commodore…

If we’re playing paper racing–and we most certainly are– the ultimate Commy will make more power than a Lamborghini and get about half way there on price. The fastest and most powerful Commodore ever made will have 600+ ponies on tap and is expected to fetch $165,000.

News Corp Australia is reporting fewer than 250 cars are expected to be built due to a scarcity of available LS9s from the US. Unfortunately these cars weren’t engineered for LTX engines, meaning HSV can’t use the far more accessible LT4 from the current Z06, and with the Commodore on its way out it doesn’t make financial sense to retrofit them.

The craziest Commodore will only be available in 3 pedal arrangements, Holden doesn’t have an automatic gearbox capable of corralling all those horsepowers.


The yet-to-be-named super saloons will be partially built on the Adelaide production line before shipping off to HSV in Melbourne for their LS9 heart transplant.

Aside from the LS9, HSV will also install a heavy duty transmission, bigger brakes, new wheels, body kit and a screamer of an exhaust.

Holden is confident they will have no issue finding takers; buyers are already queuing up for the last batch of locally made Commodores and dealers have been buried in questions from rabid fans reading the internet.

Good luck getting one though–65 select Holden outlets will split the 250 car planned production run.

My only real question is, will we see a corresponding Chevy SS made available in the US?