Team O’Neil Rally School Asks the Most Important Question of All: Can You Rally an Astro Van?

Yes. And pretty well, too, it turns out.

And we now know this important information because of Team O’Neil Rally School’s latest series: Will it Rally?

The team plans to take a number of regular or otherwise unexpected cars around its rally course and skidpad to see just how good they are as rally cars, which for them is the only thing that really matters.

In the first installment, they’ve answered the question on the tip of our tongues: how about an Astro AWD?

With a 4.3-liter V6 making around 190 hp, sending its power to all four wheels through an old-school—but reportedly pretty good—AWD system, the van is pretty well set up for the slippery stuff and on the skidpad, it does really well.

Unfortunately, through the narrow rally stage, the van’s sheer size works against it and its AWD system doesn’t get the back end moving through the corners as much as the host would like.

But all in all it returns a “pretty darn respectably time” of 2:45. SO now you know.