Super Cruise Expansion Near: 22 Nameplates by 2023

Yesterday during the General Motors Capital Markets Day presentation, company president Mark Reuss said that the automaker’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driver aid system would be on 22 nameplates by 2023.

Reuss told investors the news Wednesday, Automotive News reports. Currently, the Super Cruise system is only available on the Cadillac CT6. A sedan that’s now seen several life extensions that would otherwise have removed the feature from GM’s lineup completely.

Super Cruise is a hands-off driver aid system that can handle most driving on more than 200,000 miles of limited-access highways across the U.S. and Canada. GM just announced that it would be added to more models soon, starting with the all-new Escalade as well as the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 sedans. With that expansion, the system will gain the ability to change lanes without the driver taking the wheel.

While three models will get it this year, seven will add Super Cruise in 2021, Reuss said. 12 more will get it in 2022 and 2023. By that point, it’ll be on most of the GM lineup.

It’s been a slow rollout because of extensive electrical system and technical requirements. In short, it’s a feature that comes with a new model, not as an easy add-on. AN reports GM says a third of CT6 buyers pick the feature and use it about half of the time it’s available. That’s more than 70,000 miles a week so far, with most drivers who have it saying they want it on their next vehicle.