Smokey and the Bandit Make a Comeback in New York

Trans Am Worldwide and Burt Reynolds are bringing Smokey and the Bandit back.

Based on the 5th Gen Camaro, like the rest of their Trans Am Series, the “Bandit Edition” will be limited to just 77 cars.

Featuring the same Stage V supercharged LSX 454 the Bandit kicks out a staunch 840 hp and 790 lb-ft of twist.

“Having Mr Reynolds endorse these cars s very special. Growing up, being around some of the greatest muscle cars in history and now having the legend himself as part of the our family we are humbled and honored” said Tom Warmack, Trans Am Worldwide director.

Burt Reynolds actually signed car #1, which they brought along to New York.

I took the opportunity to ask the company about what they plan to do when they inevitably change over 6th Gen’s- They said not much on our end in regards to the Trans Am Series. Although they did say more stuff is in the works that they weren’t ready to talk about just yet.