Shop Talk: VW’s Powerpoint, Italian Twins, Little Fords and Cops Behaving Badly

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Turns out the fine folks over at Volkswagen weren’t just lying, but lying about not lying. What was once thought to be a dirty little secret among the elite clique at VW is actually far more galling and widespread than initially believed.  A powerpoint presentation was discovered, circa 2006, that allegedly outlines how VW could use “embedded software to detect when an emissions test was underway and change engine parameters in response, making the cars appear cleaner than they actually were.”

Maserati is promising they will launch two new sports cars by the end of 2018, a Gran Turismo a replacement and the delayed Alfieri. IT was thought the Alfieri would replace the aging GT, but now it looks like the models are expected to co-exist. Wonder if they’ll actually do it this time…

It’s no secret entry level crossovers are quickly becoming the bread and butter of this business and Ford is gearing up to insert themselves into the conversation. Ford has been spotted testing their little EcoSport SUV on American soil. this should make for a competent little rival for the Chevy Trax and Honda HR-V.

A cop in Clifton, NJ violently brake checks a motorist following a safe distance behind. Absurdly the cop argues that he came to a complete stop in the middle of a live lane because he thought the following motorist was going to hit him. Check it out for yourself.