Rumor: C8 Corvette ZR1 to Make 900 HP with Hybrid Help

The Corvette is set to go full hypercar if the latest rumors from Motor Trend are to be believed. Unnamed sources tell the publication that a hybrid powertrain and 900 hp are on tap for the top-of-line Corvette.

The publication claims to be getting its information from a senior official within the GM empire who says that ZR1 will use the Z06’s engine, but add power with a performance-optimized hybrid system.

There was no information about where the electric motor would slot in, nor where batteries would fit. That said, with all of its trunk space, the C8 Corvette does at least have room to spare if Chevy wants to fit those in.

Rumors have long suggested that the ZR1 and Z06 would get an overhead cam engine, rather than the Z51’s LT2. Although the source didn’t comment on its size, Motor Trend reports that this overhead cam engine will be different from Cadillac’s Blackwing V8.

According to previous reporting, again from Motor Trend, that engine will be derived from the C8.R, which uses two turbos and a flat-plane crank.