RIP Chevy SS–Holden Wraps Up US Export Program

The Australian-built Chevrolet SS and Caprice PPV are officially dead. 

Holden’s manufacturing arm in Adelaide is winding down production ahead of the plant’s expected shutdown in October, and recently completed the final Holden Commodore-based Chevrolet SS sedan scheduled for export. Appropriately finished in black and optioned with a six-speed manual transmission, the final LS3-powered bruiser at least looks the part.

Upon completion, Holden manufacturing staff signed the engine bay as a historic send-off at the request of the US buyer.

“Just as the vehicle was being produced, the Holden manufacturing team received a request from a US customer, asking the manufacturing employees to sign their Chevrolet SS,” a Holden spokesperson confirmed to Australian publication Motoring.


2015 Chevrolet SS

During the last year of production, Holden sent 4,008 Chevrolet SS sedans to the US along with a further 652 Caprice PPVs. Part of the reason for the SS’ slow uptake was thanks to GM’s inexplicable lack of advertising other than donating its body to Chevrolet’s NASCAR program.

In total, 12,953 SS sedans were sold since 2014, with 7305 Chevrolet Caprice pursuit vehicles delivered to law enforcement agencies across the United States.

Americans have always shared an appetite with Australians for big-bodied, RWD, V8 powered cars, gobbling up 41,000 Commodores dressed as Pontiac G8 sedans between 2007 and 2009; and 31,500 Monaros rebadged as the Pontiac GTO between 2004 and 2005.

The SS will go down as one GM’s greatest enthusiast products, but also one of it’s least memorable. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to see another sedan quite like it grace North American soil.

Rest in peace Chevrolet SS, it was fun while it lasted…