Report: LeBron James Will Help GM Will Bring Back Hummer

The Hummer name is set to be revived and the announcement will come at the Super Bowl. LeBron James will reportedly deliver the actual message that an electric Hummer will be sold under the GMC badge.

The report indicates that the vehicles will be built at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant, starting in 2021. There will be a range of SUVs and pickups sold under the Hummer name, under the GMC brand, followed by the Escalade and the Sierra.

The plant was the subject of controversy early last year when GM announced it would idle the plant. Following a UAW strike late last year, though, GM announced that it would retool the plant.

During negotiations, it was revealed that GM planned to build electric trucks and vans at the plant and speculation quickly grew that the Hummer brand could be reborn.

With the popularity of SUVs, many automakers—luxury manufacturers especially—have opted to introduce electric crossovers and SUVs. The advantage being that they can appeal to America’s taste for large vehicles while curbing the cost of fueling them.

Although the Hummer name was too dogged by environmental concerns to survive GM’s cull in the early part of the last decade, the current strength of the SUV market has caused many to lament the timing of GM’s decision to kill Hummer.

Industry analysts, LMC Automotive, who predicted the return of Hummer late last year, told Automotive News that the electric 1500s and Escalades would also start production at the plant in 2023.

via Automotive News