Report: Hotter CT5 V to Come with Manual Transmission

The Drive has published exclusive shots of what it reports is the hottest version of the CT5-V’s interior. The photo appears to show a manual shifter.

Reports suggest that the engine powering the spicier CT5-V will be GM’s stalwart 6.2-liter V8—which, incidentally, makes 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque in the Camaro ZL1. That same car has a six-speed TREMEC manual with active rev-matching, which would likely fit nicely into the Cadillac.

Although Cadillac has already unveiled a CT5-V, they have also promised a hotter version that will have a V8 instead of the CT5-V’s turbo 6. At the reveal of the CT5-V, Cadillac promised that the hotter version would be more focused on enthusiasts, which may go some way to explaining the transmission.

Asked for comment, Cadillac naturally demurred, but did add some intriguing pluralization saying: “The ultra-performance variants of our Cadillac CT5-Vs are still under development.” While it would be profoundly optimistic to decide that that S meant more than one version of the higher performance CT5-V, it does give us pause.

Regardless, we’ll find out all about the utlra-performance variant(s) of the CT5-V when at the New York Auto Show in April—presuming the show goes on.