Report: GMC CEO Says Company Considering Electric Sierra

With talk earlier this week from Ford about an upcoming electrified pickup, it’s no surprise that GM is looking down the same road toward electrifying its biggest vehicles.

In a segment as competitive as the light truck market, you can’t be caught at the wrong end of a long cord. To that end, GM is taking a close look at.

“Certainly, it’s something we’re considering,” Duncan Aldred, vice president of the GMC brand, told CNBC about the possibility of an electric Sierra. He wouldn’t confirm if development had already started, but instead directed back at GM CEO Mary Barra’s comments last year that the company is on a “path to an all-electric future.”

If there’s a plug-in Sierra, then a plug-in Silverado is likely not far behind. Though GMC’s premium Denali brand leaves a bit more room to help cover the cost of the expensive new tech than Chevy’s own top-trim trucks. Aldred said that expensive battery tech and low margins of mainstream segments mean lower profits.

Electrifying the pickups would also likely mean electrification for the Yukon, Tahoe, and Suburban. They share basic platforms with the pickups, along with powertrains. A bit of a hit to towing capacity (or range while towing) would also likely be less of an impact to SUV buyers than to pickup shoppers.

[source: CNBC]