Report: Fifth-Gen Escalade EV to Get 400 Miles of Range

Cadillac announced earlier this year that it would be leading the charge for electrification at GM. At the time, they showed a highly futuristic concept car, but reports suggest that something more familiar is right around the corner.

According to Cadillac Society, engineers are aiming for a range of 400 miles. That’s considerably more than the 250-or-so miles promised by today’s best EVs.

The report is based on unnamed sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The EV won’t be available at launch, though, according to Cadillac Society. The fifth-gen Escalade is expected to arrive for model year 2021 but the electric Escalade won’t be available until later in the lifecycle.

Sadly, further details like power figures haven’t been shared, but electric motors’ torque should help get the electric Escalade moving in a hurry. That said, a performance variant of the Escalade is also expected, though details on that score are also scant.