Report: Electric Escalade Coming by 2025

Escalade is the oldest name in Cadillac’s current lineup and it will continue on into the electric future. That’s according to Car and Driver, which reports that the luxury brand is working on an electric version of its biggest SUV.

Shown design sketches, C&D reports that electric Escalade will look a little different than the current SUV. With a raked windshield and a slightly less boxy body, it won’t be quite as stately, but it will maintain the Escalade’s size and proportions.

Cadillac will reportedly also lean on GM’s upcoming electric architecture and Ultium battery tech, just like the fast-arriving Hummer.

According to Mark Reuss, though, fans of the classic Escalade have nothing to worry about. The electric version isn’t intended to replace the internal combustion engine version but will, instead, supplement it.