Report: The C8’s Interior was Inspired by Fighter Jets

Modeling supercars after jets is an old trope by now, but sometimes there are good reasons for it to exist. The Corvette’s Interior Design Manager Tristan Murphy argues that cribbing notes from cockpits helped make the C8’s dash as low as possible.

Speaking to Gear Patrol, Murphy said that giving drivers as much outward visibility as possible was a major priority.

“The whole point of [getting] that engine behind you is it allows you to have a much lower cowl…you no longer have to sit above the engine, and you can get these really great sightlines,” Murphy told Gear Patrol. “The last thing we want to do was have this amazing downvision, then have this typical tall instrument panel.”

That’s why so many of the Corvette’s buttons run down the center console. It’s also why the C8 has the thinnest A/C vents on any car currently produced, according to Murphy.

The design has been controversial with reviewers. While many have said that the cockpit feels ergonomic from the driver’s seat, it puts up a wall between the driver and the passenger.

So why not just put all of the controls at the top of the wall in the touchscreen?

“If we would’ve buried [controls] in the screen, you would now be going through menus to get them, which is really annoying,” said Murphy. “The reason that works for Tesla or the new Volvos is they have a tall portrait screen.”

The reasons weren’t all practical, though. Murphy admits that along with fighter jets, his department looked at hypercar, too. Murphy told Gear Patrol he wanted drivers to get in the car and to feel special like you do when you get into a Ferrari or a McLaren.

“We need to still come in and surprise people,” said Murphy. “They need to get inside this thing and be like, ‘Holy shit.’”