Regal TourX Spotted at Tim Hortons

Even though the Regal is less than a month away from its highly anticipated debut on April 4th, GM engineers are still putting on the finishing touches in Michigan.

Courtesy of a long time GMI member we have a few new snaps the 2018 Buick Regal in 5-door hatch and TourX form. The Regal prototypes were joined by at least two other camo covered cars, plus another 4 or 5 current Buicks and an army of engineers from GM’s Milford proving grounds.

Jon Yinger told GMI “I got the feeling that there were some high level people involved. I asked a couple of them if they were from the proving grounds. One said yes, then someone that was clearly a few levels up, shot back with a no!”

The revamped Regals will be rebadged Opel Insignia Grand Sports and Country Tourer wagons; the updated Insignia brings optional all wheel drive with torque vectoring and an eight-speed transmission hooked to a 2.0-liter VVT turbocharged inline-four. Look for Buick to also add a V6 variant with the potential for diesel existing somewhere down the line.

TourX wagons are likely to feature a slightly raised ride height, rugged plastic clad fenders and standard AWD, however, this wagon isn’t jacked up nor wearing bulkier fenders. Check back for more details on April 4th when Buick officially pulls the sheet on the 2018 Regal.