OnStar and NORAD Tracking Santa in Your Chevrolet

Looking to track Santa from your car? OnStar and the North American Aerospace Defense Command will once again let Chevrolet owners track the man in the red suit with the push of that blue button.

NORAD’s main task is using a system of radar installations and satellites to track anything entering North American airspace, but thanks to a heck of a great coincidental phone number misprint in the 1970s, they’re now tasked with tracking Santa Claus on Christmas eve.

“Each year, we help keep spirits bright by fulfilling thousands of requests on Santa’s whereabouts,” said Stacey Unold, director of Contact Center Operations supporting Chevrolet. “This in-car technology provides Chevy owners and their families with a fun and festive way to connect during the most wonderful time of the year.”

GM says that NORAD uses “North Warning System radar chain and geosynchronous satellites with infrared sensors to follow Santa on his journey around the globe,” and give real-time updates to any OnStar callers made between 6 am EST on December 24th and 5 am EST on the 25th.

Chevrolet and OnStar are planning to donate $1 to the American Red Cross for every Santa update, so if the kids (or yourself) want to go out and check a few times, have at it. OnStar will have staffing adjusted to handle the extra calls.