OnStar Making Crisis Assist Complimentary to Those Affected by Hurricane Michael

OnStar is giving a break to GM vehicle owners affected by Hurrican Michael. They’re offing OnStar Crisis Assist for no charge to any vehicle that has the right OnStar equipment.

GM has already offered vehicle discounts and payment assistance to hurricane victims in the past, but now the company is offering up services to help customers in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama get safely out of the Hurricane’s path.

OnStar Crisis Assist offers up advisors 24/7. The service can coordinate with emergency rescue and evacuation services, help find you routes away from danger, connect you with family, help book hotel rooms, and even direct users to emergency resources like shelters, food, and water. The service is included with most OnStar plans in case of less wide-spread natural disasters, but this time GM is opening it up to even non-subscribers.

In addition to the OnStar advisors, GM will activate 4G LTE data for in-vehicle WiFi. Again helping those affected get away from the disaster and start returning to normal in the aftermath.