We’re Not Sure Exactly What This Is, but It Has a Small Block Chevrolet V8 and Corvette Lights, so Here You Go

This might be the most unique vehicle we’ve ever seen. But we want to be clear: unique and good aren’t synonyms. It’s a Porsche with the heart of a Chevrolet. And a nose from a Chrysler. More than one Chrysler. And sides from a Ferrari. And a tail from a different Porsche.

This mid-engined custom is a bit of a head-scratcher. If it was a dog, my grandfather would probably call it a Heinz 57.

It started out as a 1973 Porsche 914. That mid-engined Porsche that nobody liked at the time but is quickly gaining a cult following. Then things got a little strange.

That mid-engine remains, but it’s been replaced by something from General Motors. It’s a V8, we know that, but if you can tell us which one please chime in. There’s a five-speed gearbox handling power distribution duties.

The bodywork is where things get interesting. The tail looks like a healthy dose of 959, but with Corvette taillights in place of the wide Porsche rear lights. The fenders leading up to that mile-wide rear are distinctly early-mid 90’s Ferrari, as are the doors.

Up front, things don’t get any less interesting. Those look like Chrysler 300 headlights. And that’s front-drive 300M, not the current car. Underneath is a grille that’s 3rd-gen Miata at first glance but we’re willing to bet is actually from a 2001-ish Chrysler Concorde.

With all that outside, the interior is easy to miss. That’s not a Porsche interior. In place of the Porsche bits, that’s an E30 BMW interior. Including the dash and seats. Surprise!

It’s easy to write this off as an abomination, but really give it a good look. The nose is a bit off, and the taillights too easily recognizable, but at least in photos this looks really well done. Even the frunk vents look functional. In fact, it’s starting to kinda grow on us.

The only bits we can’t identify are the mirrors. So if you can place those, let us know that too.

If you’re interested, the seller calls it a 1973 914-8 GTS. It’s on Craigslist. For now. And it’s just north of Pittsburgh.