New Cadillac Celestiq Will Punch Through $200k Price Barrier

Cadillac is going seriously upmarket with one of its new electric models. The Celestiq, which is set to be hand-built at a factory in Detroit, is going to be expensive. Could this mark a return to the Cadillac of old, when luxury, exclusivity, and commanding respect were the rule of the day?

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Colias, President of Cadillac Steve Carlisle is talking big figures for the Celestiq. “Six figures … ‘and it won’t have a 1 in front of it,’” Colias reported Carlisle as saying.

That means a minimum of $200,000 for the electric Celestiq, and while that’s a high price tag for the brand, it’s certainly not unheard of for Cadillac. After all, as recently as the 1950s, a Cadillac cost as much as or more than a Rolls-Royce, because they offered similar levels of luxury and craftspersonship. Today a Rolls is easily into the $500,000 range and more, so even $200k is still a step down for the brand.

We’re expecting a 2+2 with styling that calls back to the Escala concept from a few years back. All that placed on the new GM electric architecture which allows for Ultium batteries in up to 200 kWh capacity, which could give it a range of 400 miles with massive acceleration. If this is a new transformation for Cadillac, and a return to form, we’re all for it. Go big or go home: it’s the most American of attitudes for the most American of luxury brands.