Millennials Love Chevrolet, Study Finds

Chevrolet’s low prices and widely available telecommunications services have helped it become the most popular brand among millennials, according to a study by

The study found that millennial car shoppers either owned, were likely to buy, or found that Chevy spoke to their generation the most.

The second-hand car buying website polled 1,750 current car shoppers. And it wasn’t just Millennials who answered Chevy. The younger Gen Z also felt that Chevy spoke to them the most.

Popularity among Millennials is a bigger coup for Chevy, though. The generation is coming into car-owning age and is the fastest group of buyers in the US.

As you might expect, pickups had a hand to play in Chevrolet’s popularity. An earlier study by Autolist found that the Silverado was the most popular full-size truck among Millennials.

More surprisingly, the Impala and Malibu were the sixth and seventh most popular cars models in the industry for the generation, according to data from Insurify. The midsize sedan market’s low prices are likely to thank for the sales.

“Chevy is doing a great job of trading on its reputation as a no-nonsense, affordable brand while at the same time adding to its vehicles the stuff younger buyers covet,” Chase Disher, an analyst at, said in a statement. “This includes things like WiFi hotspots, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity, wireless phone charging and an intuitive infotainment system.”