Mike Simcoe Says Australia Will Get a Sports Car…

GM’s new VP of Global Design, Mike Simcoe, just promised Australians a new Holden sports car, again.

During the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Stefan Jacoby, boss of GM International, hinted Aussies would get a new rear drive sports car eventually. Unfortunately, the trail went cold afterwards, with a myriad of GM executives like Mark Reuss and Dan Ammann avoiding the question with the deft agility of auto industry lifers.

Fast forward nearly two years and rumors of a rear-drive sports car heading to Australia are back courtesy of Simcoe.

“It remains without a delivery date,” Simcoe said. “It is the one question you people ask Reuss or anyone else who’ll listen and you get the same reaction.

“You will eventually get a sports car, yes.”

What exactly the sports car will be remains to be seen.

Both the current gen Corvette and Camaro would require significant investment to reengineer for right hand drive markets, ditto for the Alpha platformed Cadillac CTS and ATS.