Mid-Engine Corvette Spotted in High Resolution with Square Exhaust

Hey look, it’s a mid-engine Corvette undergoing cold-weather testing. 

This is the first time we’ve seen the C8 Corvette out and about since renegade operators spilled several of the program’s secrets on the internet in late 2017–these also happen to be the best spy shots we’ve had of the next American supercar. 

Obviously, the body is still heavily concealed by vinyl cladding, however, there are a few small details that present themselves. Proportionally, you can almost imagine the C8 as a stretched C7 with the greenhouse pushed forward, or if you find that morally reprehensible, how about if a McLaren mated with something from Maranello? 

Be it a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 or the new twin-turbo LT7, the mid-engine Corvette will spit spent fuel through a new set of square-shaped quad exhaust tips which have been pushed out to corners for the first time since the C4. And to anyone who’s still trying to be contrarian and claim it’s a Cadillac, not a Corvette, check out those tail lights, the LED looking units are very clearly an evolution of the C7’s angular four-pot design. 

Also, check out the openings in the camo just fore of the rear wheels, it looks like there’s clearly going to be large air intakes scalloped out of the doors, likely feeding the engine, brakes, and transaxle. 

We’re not expecting the mid-engine Corvette to show up in Detroit this year, but hey, Chevy could be lying. Right?