That Mid-Engine Cadillac Key Now has a Corvette Logo on It

A few weeks ago, pictures of a suspicious Cadillac key were found by Jalopnik. Now, photos of a similar key, bearing the Corvette logo, have been found by Road & Track in an FCC application.

The key fob, as was previously reported, bears pictorial representations of a low slung car with both a trunk and a frunk, leading most to believe it represents GM’s mid-engine supercar.

The application, though, reveals that the key is for a “GM MY20 B1 KEYFOB,” indicating that it’s for a car coming in 2020.

The chip inside the key fob also has markings for international regulatory agencies—specifically Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and, of course, the US. The markings could indicate that GM plans to sell the mid-engine Corvette around the world.