Lingenfelter to Give the Colorado ZR2 a 100 HP Boost

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering wants to give the Colorado ZR2 (and indeed any car fitted with the LGX 3.6-liter V6) a big bump in power. According to the company, it will increase the trucklet’s power by “at least 35%.”

A little light math suggests that the power will, therefore, increase by nearly 110 hp over stock to nearly 420 hp. Best of all, Lingenfelter says that these upgrades will be emissions-compliant in all 50 states.

The company says it hasn’t just been silly either. Speaking to Muscle Cars & Trucks, Mark Rapson, LPE COO and Vice President, said these mods are intended to improve every aspect of trucking.

“When we did the kit… we wanted to enhance the truck in a way where it didn’t just make horsepower, but it was usable power so they could do things like towing, and to add equipment like bigger tires,” Rapson told MC&T.

The company also isn’t interested in fixing the things ain’t broke. The ZR2’s stock DSSV dampers and tires have been left alone by LPE.

Pricing has not yet been announced, nor have official dyno figures, but Lingenfelter promises to release them soon.