Last Call for C7 Orders is Just About Here

So how about that C7/C8 changeover? Is it ever going to happen? Well, there are a few hard dates that you’ll want to know when it comes to C7 production.

According to, we now know when C7 ordering will stop. And it’s bad news if you wanted a custom ZR1. Orders for a 2019 ZR1 closed at the end of May. So you’ll need to find your 755 hp monster in inventory. And the production of those should be nearly finished.

If you want a C7 convertible, it needs to be in GM’s order bank by Monday night. That’s very, very close, so if you want to order that one, better hope your dealer is ready to, well, deal.

What about a C7 coupe? Your last day to order one of those is the 17th. Get your order in by the evening of that day or you’re done.

And then there’s the last order date of any C7. June 23rd. Though the report says there’s no guarantee any dealers will actually have allocations for that day.

We don’t yet know when production of those orders finishes, but we’re not expecting it to be all that far down the road after orders are done. We know that the last C7 will cross the block at Barrett-Jackson on June 28th, but we’re not sure if the actual car will be ready then or if the buyer will be waiting.

So what if you don’t get your order in before the deadline? Well, there are still plenty of C7 Corvettes in inventory at dealers around the country. And we mean plenty. So unless you want a really strange combination, you should be able to find the Vette you’re looking for.

[via: Corvetteblogger]