Inside GM and Ford’s Transmission Sharing Strategy

One of our sources has shed light on the transmission sharing strategy between the General and FoMoCo. 

The pair agreed to develop 9-speed and 10-speed transmissions together back in 2013, both will debut later this year when 2017 models begin to hit stores. The Camaro ZL1 and Ford Raptor will debut the 10-speed, while the Malibu Premier is the first application of the 9-speed.

Our source tells us that Ford is looking for low-volume proof of the concept before ramping up production–curious how the ZL1 and Raptor handle the 10-speed before transplanting it into their best selling product, the F-150.

On the 9-speed front, it’s being launched in the Malibu Premier first; it’s believed Ford will launch the 9-speed sometime during 2017 in the Fusion, before full blown roll out with the next-gen Fusion. GM is expected to launch the 9-speed across the full Malibu range come 2018.

GM is essentially beta testing the long-term strength and viability of the 10-speed, while the 9-speed is being evaluated for fuel economy as well as performance for a small displacement turbo.

We know GM will stuff the 10-speed into 8 additional models before 2018. Ford hasn’t made a similar statement, but it’s known the Mustang will get it when it goes under the knife and the F-150 as stated above. It’s believed both the Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition will gain additional gears as well.

The 9-speed picture remains murkier. Beyond the Malibu and Fusion there are no additional confirmations, but there has been speculation the new Acadia will gain the gearbox, by extension we should see it in the Buick Envision and the new Equinox at some point. On the Ford side the Fusions CD3 platform mates the Ford Edge and Lincoln’s MKX and MKZ are the leading candidates.