I’m Moving Across the Country, How Do I Ship my Car?

If you’re moving across the country and need to find the best way to ship a car from its current home to your new one, here’s some great news: professionally transporting your vehicle from one place to another is a simple, easy and stress-free when you put the services of a reputable auto transport company to work for you.

How does it work?

Simple: just visit Auto Transport Quote Services or Car Shipping Carriers, enter a little information into the online form, and wait for your auto shipping quotes to arrive. In minutes, you provide details like the date of your move, the pick-up and drop-off point, the make and model of vehicle you need to ship, and the method by which you need to have it transported.

In moments, your details will be reviewed by numerous carrier companies specializing in the safe and professional transport of vehicles. Shortly after, you’ll start getting quotes for the shipping job delivered to your email address, or by phone.

Once you’ve reviewed the quotes and decided on the best one, you can check that carrier’s reviews on Facebook and Google, and confirm and arrange payment for the job with a simple phone call or email.

On the pick-up date, you’ll get a call or text from the transport driver shortly before they arrive at the pre-determined time to load your vehicle onto the transport. From that point, your vehicle is on its way to your new home—safely secured on its transport trailer, fully insured, and in the custody of a reputable car shipping company.

When your vehicle reaches its destination a few days or weeks later, you’ll get another call or text shortly before it’s dropped off. Your vehicle is then unloaded, keys are handed over, and your vehicle is now in its new town or city.

Using a website like Auto Transport Quote Services or Car Shipping Carriers makes the process quick and easy—and by using reputable and experienced car shipping carriers, customers benefit from professional service, a worry-free experience, and the confidence of having seasoned professionals handle all aspects of your vehicle’s transport so you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

For thousands of customers, shipping a vehicle to its new destination, rather than driving it, makes plenty of sense. Instead of putting thousands of miles on the vehicle, experiencing possible setbacks, and incurring the costs of fuel, wear and tear, meals, lodging, and time off work, professional car carriers handle everything for you, so you can focus on your move.

In addition to possibly finding the cheapest car shipping pricing versus driving the vehicle across the country yourself, using a professional car carrier for the job takes 30 minutes of your time or less, between submitting information, confirming the job, and seeing your vehicle onto the transport for pickup, and off of the transport once it reaches your destination.

Shipping options are plentiful, and there’s a solution to fit any need or budget.

If you’re in a rush, you may consider shipping your car on a low-volume or private, enclosed carrier that’ll go more directly to your destination for a speedier delivery.

If you’re on a tighter budget and not as time sensitive, shipping via a high-volume carrier is likely the way to go. Here, your vehicle will ride a route with several other cars and trucks, making stops along the way. This car transport solution is typically the most affordable.

If you’re shipping a specialty, exotic or show-car, various enclosed transport solutions are available to keep the vehicle fully away from the elements, and prying eyes, along the way.

Finally, remember that planning ahead pays: if you’ve got an upcoming move a few weeks or months away, start the quote process sooner rather than later to save some money. Giving your car carrier company a longer lead time typically results in a lower quote—so be sure to visit Auto Transport Quote Services or Car Shipping Carriers today.