HSV Confident They Can Continue Even With Opel Sourced Commodore

Holden Special Vehicles believes it can continue building hot-rod Holdens even as local Commodore production comes to an end.

Australia’s GoAuto is reporting that HSV has expressed interest in continuing its relationship with General Motors when the Opel sourced Commodore hits the scene in 2018.

HSV marketing and product development general manager, Damon Paull, says they will continue to work with Holden on the possibility of using the next-gen Commodore:

We will certainly be looking to offer a Commodore-based product,”

“Holden has come out and said they are going to call it Commodore, whatever they end up importing. We’ll certainly work closely with them to see if we can build a business case, which we are 100 per cent confident we can, that fits performance, design and innovation and fulfils customer expectation.”

Expect HSV to work their magic and produce a hopped up AWD monster producing north of 400 hp from a twin-turbo V6.

Hope for a V8 in the next Commy should be put to bed now. However, there is still hope for a HSV tuned RWD V8 should Holden get the oft rumored V8 sport coupe many believe will be based on the Alpha platform architecture.