Holden Boldly Offers to Pay Shoppers to Buy Other Cars

It seems that Holden is sick of having people buy its cars, so it’s incentivizing people to buy cars from other manufacturers by offering them 500 Australian dollars if they test and buy another car.

The dubious strategy, reports Australia’s WhichCar, is called “The Test Drive Challenge” and is actually supposed to imply that Holden’s cars are so good that you can’t pay people to buy anything else, I guess. 

The deal works like this: anyone who test drives a Holden and then goes out and buy another car will be given $500 in the form of a gift card. The other car does have to be in the same segment, though. Aussies can’t go out, test drive a Colorado and buy a Ford Everest and expect the gift card.

Although it may sounds bold, it’s important to remember that $500 AUD at current rates is the equivalent of about $8 and a Fosters in America.