GM’s Reuss Says Cadillac Going Mostly EV, Getting Real Names, Teases EV Platform

During the company’s annual Capital Markets Day investors presentation earlier this week, General Motors unveiled a new company road map. One that shows more electrified Cadillacs, including one set to be unveiled in April, showed the plans for the company’s new electric platform, and confirmed that Cadillacs would be getting names again as they electrified.

GM President Mark Reuss talked about the roadmap during his portion of the presentation. He said that “Cadillac is going to be about being Cadillac once again.” Cadillac’s first EV, a crossover that was first teased along with the launch of the XT6, will be revealed in April, ahead of the Hummer EV in May. The brand will offer “mostly electric vehicles” by the end of this decade, and they will get names, not alphanumerics.

GM will have another event next month that will focus solely on EVs, though Reuss didn’t elaborate. He said that when it comes to EVs, “no other company is doing what we are doing because no other company can do what we are doing.”

A new modular architecture, which is the one used by the Cruise Origin, offers flexibility and scale for the company. The company will offer large and small crossovers, pickups, ride-hailing vehicles, and even what look to be sports cars or luxury coupes using a common electric architecture.

Like the architecture, Reuss says the battery pack is “extremely flexible.” Offering higher energy density, a modular design, and offers multi-segment applications. He compared it to an ice cube tray, allowing you to add more water (cells) depending on the needs of the vehicle all in the same tray.

This battery flexibility helps make the automaker more flexible. Letting them adapt to market battery expectations and needs as well as saving development and engineering validation costs. Reuss compared that to other automakers who are using one-off packs or adapted platforms for their EVs, a much less scalable design.